Walters Temple African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church had its origin in 1905 under the leadership of the late Mr. J. H. Bailey, a layman from Waverly, Va. She was named in honor of Bishop Alexander Walters, the twenty-fourth Bishop in succession of the A.M.E.Zion Church. Her first cradle was that of a one room structure at 750-23rd Street, Newport News,Va. In October of 1961, under the leadership of Rev. Dr. A. C. Littlejohn the congregation found it necessary to purchase a larger structure, a former Jewish Synagogue at 28th and Madison Avenue. The Church was designated GREATER WALTERS A. M. E. ZION CHURCH, while the first Church remained, making two A. M. E. Zion churches in the city. In November 1963 Rev. Dr. E. M. Wilson was appointed pastor of Greater Walters by Bishop W.A.Stewart. He served Greater Walters for forty years to bring her to spiritual fervency. Since 2003 we have been blessed to have Rev. Dr. Kenneth W. Arrington as pastor.

Who We Are

The triangle represents the Godhead (God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,or the Trinity).

V is a symbol for victory and represents a church born victoriously under the leadership of James Varick, the first Bishop. V also represents Varick.

The Latin Cross is one of the most accepted symbols of Christianity. In red, it is symbolic of power, love, glory, honor, Jesus' s passion and suffering, plus Christian zeal.

A for African refers to the background of the people and suggests that Africa is the cradle of civilization from whence came all races and colors.

M for Methodist refers to the doctrine about God and Christ of the denomination. It is green, the universal color of growth, progress, and hope.

E for Episcopal indicates the denomination form of government overseen by church father called Bishops. It is in purple and denotes kingly authority in Godly judgment of the Episcopate.

Z for Zion refers to God's Holy Hill and represents this branch of Methodism as a separate entity from the A.M. E., C. M. E. and U. M. Churches. It is blue and symbolic of heaven and sincerity.



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